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Global Healing Approaches to Enhance Your Immune System

Why This Series?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lived in the worst kind of threat to our health: a deadly, invisible enemy out there attacking our immune system. Never in our lifetime have we been more aware of the dangers of a compromised immune system.

Series Description

In this important six-part series, we look at the most critical aspects of the immune system and how we can tap into ancient, integrative, mainstream, and cutting-edge practices to make it efficient and enhance its ability to handle day-to-day stresses and disease. In this series, we explore a Regenerative Whole HealthTM approach from top experts around the globe who will help you transform your body’s ability to handle disease and give you realistic approaches to protecting yourself and your family.

LIVE from India and other parts of the world, the series will feature experts such as Dr. Tom O’Bryan, KnoWEwell Chief Health Officer; Ishi Khosla, Clinical Nutritionist and President of the Celiac Society of India; Yogi Jayadevan, Founder of Dharshan Yoga; Dr. Madiha Saeed, the KnoWEwell Director of Education; and a plethora of world authorities in whole health, naturopathy, homeopathy, fitness, mental health, and happiness.