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Healing from GMOs

Jeffrey Smith presents…

Groundbreaking insights from leading medical, nutritional, psychiatric, research, and product development professionals, into how you can not only AVOID the damaging effects of GMOs and Glyphosate, but also how you can REVERSE or HEAL damage that has already been done.

Healing from GMOs, is available for you to start and complete in your own time, with online videos, audios and full transcripts. This is your expert healing companion and guide in the journey to fully restored, vibrant health, away from damage caused by the addition of GMOs and Glyphosate to our food supply.

GMOs and Glyphosate have been designed by chemists to kill plants – and they have been highly successful in this. Glyphosate (an active component in the herbicide Roundup) works by inhibiting the Shikimate pathway in plants in order to kill them. Yet the destructive action of this toxin does not stop with the plants themselves.

Human bodies do not have a Shikimate pathway, but bacteria DO – and the human body (like the soil our food is grown in) contains TRILLIONS of microorganisms, essential for human health and survival. These microorganisms outnumber our own human cells in our bodies 10-1, they reside in the gut (and soil), they are a vital key to human health and resilience, and Glyphosate kills them all!