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Learning How to Use a Homeopathic Medicine Kit

Homeopathic medicine is a 200-year old system of natural medicine that is used throughout the world by hundreds of thousands of physicians and tens of millions of patients. Homeopathy provides a natural method to treat yourself and your family for many common non-life-threatening ailments, honoring Hippocrates’ “First, do no harm” dictum. By taking this e-course, you will learn to use 50-100 homeopathic medicines for many health problems. This e-course combines a collection of 80 short videos (averaging 15 minutes each), plus a 500+ page e-book (“Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine”), and a presentation (of 700 slides) that provides summary information on each lecture. The e-book describes the homeopathic treatment of over 100 ailments, along with reference to and description of over 300 scientific studies published in peer-review medical journals. Welcome to 21st century education… at your own pace and with multi-media formats to accommodate whatever way you prefer to learn.