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Memories for Life – Film and Panel Discussion

MEMORIES FOR LIFE, narrated by Grammy Winner Michael Bublé, follows patients using health data and a holistic approach to turn back the clock and retain their memories.

For patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, no memories are safe — from the recollections of daily responsibilities to their most cherished moments.

MEMORIES FOR LIFE follows six Alzheimer’s patients who are refusing to accept their prognosis, and are turning to a new method, spearheaded by top neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen. Instead of treating symptoms, this approach studies the health data of each patient to find the root cause of their illness.

Dr. Bredesen, best-selling author of The End of Alzheimer’s, faces constant skepticism from the mainstream medical community, even though many patients following the protocol show signs of reversing their cognitive decline.

MEMORIES FOR LIFE shows the eye-opening results of this life-changing treatment and questions why something with the potential to reverse such a devastating disease is not being embraced by medical researchers.

DIRECTED BY: Hideyuki Tokigawa

NARRATED BY: Michael Bublé

RUNNING TIME: 85 minutes

RATING: Not Rated

GENRE: Documentary

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