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Jane Lynn Britton

Jane Lynn Britton is a sought-after speaker and parenting expert for high profile organizations such as JetBlue, Disney, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, and the US Senate. She is also the founder of Navigate Autism and creator of Parenting Podtips, 5–10-minute podcasts that offer quick parenting strategies on topics such as building friendships, social skills, changing habits, weaning off of electronics, work/life balance, and more.

Drawing on decades of experience as an employee trainer and coach, autism home school director, TV producer and host, and the mother of a young adult with autism, Jane Lynn reaches parents through in-person and online educational speaking events such as podcasts, television, webinars, panel discussions and conferences.

Jane Lynn educates parents on how to understand and reach their children, how to create balance at home, and how to help their children reach their potential.

Jane Lynn is also the Director of People Experiences and Webcast Host at KnoWEwell, as well as Co-Host of KnoWEwell’s monthly program, “Let’s Talk Special Needs”.


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