Sharon Wexler, BS, MMS, CCC-SLP

Sharon Wexler has been a speech-language pathologist and Myofunctional therapist for over 42 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University in Speech and Hearing therapy. From there Sharon went on to obtain a Master of Medical Science from Emory University in speech-language pathology and learning disabilities, and trained at the Institute of Myofunctional Therapy with advanced clinical internships.

Sharon’s extensive knowledge in Myofunctional therapy techniques and oral motor has allowed her to have a better understanding in approaching speech production, eating mechanics and related medical disorders. She treats patients as young as infants to adults. Her strongest skills are with patients with oral apraxia, Down Syndrome, Autism and cleft lip and palate. She also has knowledge in working with both PROMPT and Beckman techniques.

Sharon is passionate about the fields of Myofunctional therapy and oral motor and enjoys every opportunity to share her knowledge with other graduate students and professionals. Her goal is to make the Institute of Myofunctional Studies a teaching facility in expanding these techniques in speech. She has an extensive understanding of how sensory integration and overall body posture and movement impacts on the function of the mouth and the role they play in conjunction with her treatment. As a result, she works on a regular basis with other professionals in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and biomedical therapy.

As a published author, Sharon has had the opportunity to lecture to professional and parent groups in the United States, as well as Europe. Her creative interests include writing on topics related to the benefits of Myofunctional therapy, creating better methods for delivering therapy to patients, and developing better oral appliances to improve oral mechanics.

Sharon’s unique combination of skills is in high demand with a diverse set of patients with special needs throughout the United States and numerous countries abroad.


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