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Coherence Revolution: Finding Flow On Your Journey To The Present Moment

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6 self-paced sessions
7.5 hours of video
The Coherence Revolution will Change Your Life!

The Coherence Revolution will teach you how to regain your power and passion for life by designing a more coherent life for yourself – in which all of your daily habits, career, self-care methods, and relationships will be in alignment with your best self. It’s about creating Coherence and balance in every aspect of your life. This is not a passive process. This is about engaging in life and figuring out what inspires you. What elevates your mood? What actions and experiences elicit gratitude or joy?

The answers may be different for each of us, but the process is the same for everyone. The first step is to decide that the life you’ve been living, the habits, the patterns, and the triggers, are not working for you. There has to be a recognition that you’re not living your best life. Once you come to that conclusion, transformation can occur. 

The Coherence Revolution teaches you:
  • The physiology of stress
  • HeartMath breathwork self-regulation techniques
  • How to create more coherence through your senses, nature, and the world around you
  • Techniques and options to help reduce or eliminate anxiety
  • How to create an exercise program that works for you NOT against you
  • How to get restful sleep
  • How to make enough time in your schedule to live your dream life …….And by taking the course you will discover how to:
  • Feel a sense of ease
  • Become more resilient and adaptable
  • Feel more tolerant of others
  • Have the perception that you have enough time
.......And by taking the course you will discover how to:
  • Feel a sense of ease
  • Become more resilient and adaptable
  • Feel more tolerant of others
  • Have the perception that you have enough time
  • Create a home environment that allows your family to be happy and healthy
  • Feel connected to a community and inspired to give your best to others
  • Finally get restful sleep
  • Significantly reduce pain and stress
  • Control your emotions
  • Feel more grounded and in the zone
  • Feel more in love
  • Figure out your true purpose
  • Recognize and change old patterns
  • Make good decisions and choices for your health including foods, treatments, therapies, and habits
  • Define and choose beneficial relationships
  • Create a plan to earn money doing something you love
  • Discern the aspects of your life that deplete you and the areas that are a source of renewal

By engaging in the Coherence Revolution process, you will be guided to practice all of the techniques taught in the course including practicing the emotions and habits of you dream life. Your dream life will become so familiar to you that you can’t help but achieve it!

Session 1: Foundational Concepts.
Session 1 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 5 parts. In this first set of videos you will be introduced to the concept of Coherence, and learn about foundational concepts such stress and the human nervous system. You will also learn HeartMath’s signature technique Quick Coherence so you can start to gain new skills right away.
  • Coherence Revolution Workbook
  • Video: Part 1 – Introduction
  • Video: Part 2 – Foundational Concepts and Getting Neutral
  • Video: Part 3 – Foundational Concepts and Heart Focused Breath
  • Heart Focused Breathing PDF
  • Video: Part 4 – Coherence
  • Heart Rhythm Patterns
  • Video: Part 5 – Quick Coherence
  • Quick Coherence Technique
Session 2: Creating Emotional Coherence
Session 2 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 3 parts. You will discover what subconscious and emotional Coherence is and how to create them. You will also learn another powerful HeartMath technique called the Freeze Frame Technique.
  • Video: Part 1 – Subconscious Coherence
  • Muscle Testing
  • Positive Affirmations and VAK
  • Video: Part 2 – Emotional Coherence
  • Homeplay Call 2 : Emotional Coherence
  • Homeplay : How to Practice an Emotion
  • Video: Part 3 – Freeze Frame Technique
  • Freeze Frame Technique
Session 3: Career, Kinesthetic and Olfactory Coherence
Session 3 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 3 parts. During this session you will learn a process to help you discover your optimal career and begin to dive into your senses; Kinesthetic and Olfactory. You will also have an opportunity to practice the breathwork you’ve been learning and be guided through all the HomePlay exercises.
  • Video: Part 1 – HM Career Financial Coherence
  • Choosing the Optimal Job or Career
  • Cost of Your Dream Life
  • Video: Part 2 – Kinesthetic Coherence
  • Homeplay : Kinesthetic Exploration – Exercise Plan
  • Homeplay : Kinesthetic Exploration – Get Rid of Incoherence
  • Video: Part 3 – Olfactory Taste Digestive Coherence
  • HomePlay: Exploring Food
  • HomePlay: Exploring Smell Coherence
  • HomePlay: Exploring Taste Coherence
Session 4: Visual, Auditory and Natural Coherence
Session 4 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 3 parts. There will be time to practice the breathwork and learn about several new types of Coherence including: Visual, Auditory, Intuitive and Natural Coherence. There will also be a lot of fun! (hint: there may be some finger painting)
  • Video: Part 1 – Breathwork and Visual Coherence
  • HomePlay: Exploring Visual Coherence
  • Video: Part 2 – Auditory Coherence
  • HomePlay: Exploring Auditory Coherence 1
  • HomePlay: Exploring Auditory Coherence 2
  • Video: Part 3 – Intuition and Natural Coherence
  • HomePlay: Identifying Unnecessary Energy Expenditures
  • HomePlay: Assets vs Deficits
  • Homeplay : Exploring Your Senses
Session 5: Communication and Community
Session 5 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 4 parts. This session covers a lot of ground. You will learn about incoherence, Coherent Communication, Social Coherence as well as a new HeartMath technique called Attitude breathing. Another fun and perhaps new concept you will learn is how to practice different emotions.
  • Video: Part 1 – Incoherence Practicing Emotion Letting Go
  • Emotional Landscapes
  • Video: Part 2 – Attitude Breathing
  • Attitude Breathing Technique
  • Video: Part 3 – Coherent Communication Spirituality and Science
  • Coherent Communication Technique
  • Video: Part 4 – Social Coherence
  • Homeplay: Exploring Social Coherence & Coherent Communication
Session 6: Creating your Daily Process
Session 6 of the Coherence Revolution is divided into 5 parts. This session also covers a lot of ground and will help you put all of the concepts together to help you create your own Daily process. You will have time to practice the breathwork, learn the Heart Lock In technique, hear about exciting research being done to help our communities create Global Coherence and give you all the tools you’ll need to continue on your own Coherence Revolution.
  • Video: Part 1 – Quick Coherence & Global Coherence
  • Video: Part 2 – Heart Lock In
  • Heart Lock In Technique
  • Video: Part 3 – Putting It All Together, Additional Modalities
  • Video: Part 4 – Putting It All Together Daily Dream Life Schedule
  • Example Daily Dream Life Schedule
  • Daily Dream Life Schedule
  • Video: Part 5 – Daily Dream Life Schedule and Putting It All Together
  • Homeplay : Create Your Happy Place
  • Coherence Revolution e-Book
Course Description
Coherence Revolution teaches the power of creating a process to live by, the exploration of self-discovery, and how to create a daily process that resonates with you and enables you to create a life filled with happiness and joy.
Create Your Own Coherence Revolution
Imagine if you could eliminate stress. Imagine if you could learn how to eliminate stress or consciously choose and change your mood in any situation…..
Coherence Revolution students talk about key take-aways that helped them be able to be at their best.
Coherence Revolution: Finding Flow On Your Journey To The Present Moment
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