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Pain Free Living Program

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Founder & CEO, International Chronic Pain Institute®

Yes, You CAN Experience Rapid Drug-Free Relief from Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating & More!

There is hope for you even if you’ve struggled for years and tried everything… and I can show you how.

Does this sound familiar?

The National Academy of Sciences estimates more than 100 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic unrelieved pain on a regular basis1. This amounts to approximately $600B in direct health care costs, lost productivity, and wage reduction2. There’s no denying the massive economic toll this epidemic is taking on families across the U.S. and around the world.

Outdated, often dangerous and addicting chronic pain relief methods often don’t work. They’re like band-aids that don’t actually let you heal at the root. In many cases, these dangerous methods often make the problem worse and create horrible side effects. The “drug it out, cut it out” method for addressing chronic pain is a broken approach — and you can’t wait, fingers crossed, ‘hoping’ another drug or procedure will finally give you relief.

You have an amazing life to enjoy – you don’t have time to let pain stop your momentum!

1 Source

2 Institute of Medicine. Pain as a public health challenge. In: Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research. Washington, DC: National Academies Press; 2011.

You need to be focused, full of Energy, productive, performing at the top of your game, leading your company, caring for your family, and living with confidence and greater ease.

You can’t afford to be ‘too tired’, have brain fog, call in sick again, visit another specialist, or let down those closest to you.

If that’s YOU… if you’re tired of feeling exhausted and stuck when it comes to pain, here’s the good news: there’s hope for YOU!

Imagine being free of chronic pain and other symptoms of dis-ease and having the joy, energy, and zest you need to live the life you truly desire…

If you’ve ‘tried everything’, taken the pills and/or supplements, done the various treatments suggested, and you’re not finding a real solution, doesn’t it make sense that there might be something deeper going on that you can’t see?…

Could the source of your pain be hidden from X-rays, MRIs, scans, blood tests, or even microscopes?…

What if your body is trying to tell you something that no amount of drugs, diet changes, yoga sessions, massages, or physical therapy can fix?…

If you’re open to a revolutionary approach to pain, then you’re ready to let the science of energy healing show you a better way. Yes, you CAN experience relief from chronic pain — maybe even total elimination of it — without relying on drugs, endless therapies, giving up your favorite foods, or having to wait YEARS for results.

It starts with revealing and removing at the quantum, invisible level, the hidden causes of your pain, patterns, and suffering.

Hi, I’m Debora Wayne, founder and CEO of the International Chronic Pain Institute. As a lifelong student, I spent over 30 years on my own personal healing journey. I suffered from pain for YEARS, and it got so bad my body and my life was literally falling apart…

I didn’t know how to handle the pain, and I was desperate to find SOME type of relief. I took pills and supplements of every shape, size, color, and strength – a handful of pain pills at a time, but they didn’t work. It was a guessing game if any of them even worked, so I was scared to stop taking them. I tried everything under the sun that I could think of to get rid of (or numb out) the pain – from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to Jack Daniels, but nothing worked. It started me on a journey to figure out pain… I experienced or received dozens of different healing modalities trying to fix my own pain. (Many of these did not help). Between my formal education, continuous training, my own personal healing journey, and life-changing intuitive insight, over time, I developed a unique healing system that requires no drugs or dietary restrictions, and that has enabled me to help tens of thousands of clients in over 160 countries to date.  I developed expertise in uncovering the numerous hidden root causes behind Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Binge-Eating, and many other “mysterious” chronic conditions that would not heal no matter what people have tried. These hidden causes often don’t and won’t show up on medical tests so they can become a mysterious nightmare and start you on a never-ending search for answers. This all led me to develop my now world-renowned HighSpeed Healing MethodTM, a 21st-century tool for healing chronic pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. This is the approach to healing chronic pain I was asked to talk about on PBS — and the results are changing lives around the world! As a Pain Release and Energy Healing Expert, I would LOVE to show you my exact step-by-step system designed to uncover and release YOUR hidden root cause so you can break free from chronic pain and get your energy and life back on track.

I call this The Pain-Free Living Program® !

The Pain-Free Living Program® Is the ONLY Chronic Pain Approach that Features the HighSpeed Healing MethodTM for Optimal Wellbeing.

The Exact Step-by-Step System Combining A NEW Understanding of the Invisible Hidden Root Causes & How Healing Really Works (HINT: it’s not what you’ve been told), Plus, the Revolutionary HighSpeed Energy Healing Method, AND, Unique Self-Care/Self-Clearing Techniques, PLUS, Direct Access to the world’s leading Energy Healing Expert to Help You Find and Finally Release the Hidden Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Energetic Reasons For Any Type Of Pain, Pattern, or Symptoms You Experience.

Thousands of participants from over 160 different countries have have reported a wide range of healing results from The Pain-Free Living Program®. Here is a small list:

The Pain-Free Living Program® is not simply another ‘Do It Yourself’ recorded program with tons of information to wade
through – hoping what you’re learning will work. This is a world-class experiential program and many participants have
reported noticeable results starting with the very first week.
You’ll have access to the EXACT toolkit for releasing pain & symptoms of all types
including “mystery” symptoms where nothing shows up on medical tests.

The Pain-Free Living Program® Is Designed To Help You Transcend Pain & Get Your Energy And Your Life Back On Track.

Success Stories
“I had diabetes and had been insulin dependent for 30 years taking 2 different kinds of insulin. After simply attending Debora’s one-day online event The Day of HighSpeed Healing™, my blood sugars began to drop dramatically. In 6 short weeks, I no lon …
Helen Elmallakh
“I finished your course and I hope more people take it! Well worth it based on the results. Hasta la vista to PT and my acupuncturist! “This program was well worth it. My pain went from a level 8 to between 0 and 2. Prior to this program, I was waki…
Nicolas Pineault, “The EMF Guy”
“Debora, thanks for your help – HighSpeed Healing® was a very profound experience that I kept in mind throughout my race preparation and during the race itself. I feel like I was able to push myself way beyond my limits and completed the 22km race even …
Thousands of people can’t be wrong about the potential for true pain relief from The Pain-Free Living Program® .
Still not convinced? An independent science lab report showed a 51% DECREASE in pain and increase in energy in the VERY FIRST SESSION in LESS THAN ONE HOUR! The client reported 99% pain relief.

Science doesn’t lie!

Now is your chance to experience the same type of results for YOURSELF! Are you ready to live pain-free?

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What’s Included
With the Pain-Free Living Program® ?
The Pain-Free Living Program® E-COURSE includes eight (8) Mp3 recordings plus Inspirational Handouts
and Companion worksheets designed to get Real Results
A Recorded HighSpeed Energy Healing® session
The best part is no travel is required!
AND… I do get it – you’re busy! What if you’re worried you won’t have energy or time to do all of the work?
The Pain-Free Living Program® is designed to create space and free up your energy!

Here’s what you can expect with The Pain-Free Living Program®:

divider Image

The Pain-Free Living Program® was made for you if…

If that’s you, then The Pain-Free Living Program® is PERFECT for you!

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How Do I Invest In the Pain-Free Living Program®?

Imagine finding true lasting relief from dis-ease for a fraction of what ongoing medications and medical procedures cost, and for a lot less than the average cost of one single day in a USA hospital! ( Average is $3500 per DAY !)

Saying “Yes!” right now to the Pain-Free Living Program® gives you immediate access to:

  • Eight (8) .mp3 Recordings – I will personally guide you step by step through my exact Pain-Free Living Program® system designed to get your energy and life back on track and keep it there!

  • The PFLP® Essential Tool Kit – get Real Results and put into practice what you learn in the audio recordings. Print out your worksheets and practice these exact self-care/self-clearing techniques to bring new awareness, healing, and transformation into your life.

  • Recorded Mp3 HighSpeed Energy HealingTM Session – Experience for yourself how and why thousands of people just like you, in over 160 countries, have reported the elimination of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, binge-eating, headaches, Trauma, even “mysterious” chronic symptoms, and they finally began to experience greater energy, joy, and freedom in their body, mind, and life.

  • Get on the SAFEST, FASTEST, NON-DRUG PATH TO HEALING: Experience for yourself the HighSpeed Healing™ method shown in a science lab to Remove Pain and Dis-ease Symptoms, and Recharge your Energy 6 times faster than other methods.
If You Want Maximum Results And Are Ready To Dive Deeper…
Take Your Next Step NOW Towards Pain-Free Living!
Begin to experience for yourself how thousands of clients reported:

Rapid Release for Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Binge-Eating, Panic, Fatigue, Migraines, Insomnia, Trauma, and other Chronic Conditions.

(ALL Virtual—Yes, you can get better results without ever leaving your home!)
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Consider these heart-stopping statistics:

For a fraction of those ongoing costs,
you can experience Real Results with The Pain-Free Living Program®!

It all starts with The Pain-Free Living Program® . Let me show you what is truly possible that you may not even realize was possible before today.

Let me show you the way as you break free from chronic pain for good!

Pain Free Living Program
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