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Your Fertile Health

Created By
21 Lessons Consumed over 4 Weeks
Your Fertile Health
Conceive your dream of family

Say hello to your IVF & egg freezing success blueprint.

(or get pregnant naturally)
Your proven, time-saving protocol that has helped thousands of women restore their fertile health and get pregnant, even after years of trying unsuccessfully.
Take the next step in creating the family of your dreams.
In response to hearing time and time again,
“How did I not know this about my own body?”...
This step-by-step plan is designed to help you if you’re trying to get pregnant, or are thinking about egg-freezing or IVF.
Learn what your body needs to restore its most fertile health and conceive your dream of family.
The IVF and egg-freezing preparation phase is the perfect moment to get started!

Did you knowBefore conceiving through IVF, women typically go through three medicated stim cycles – at the cost of $15,000 to $30,000 a cycle. That’s as much as $90,000 to create enough embryos for a single pregnancy!

Now, imagine restoring your body’s own natural fertile health to reduce the number of IVF cycles, improve your chances of IVF success, or even get pregnant naturally…

We believe you and your family are worth that investment. Saving you time, money, and unnecessary heartache.

Man and woman4
Conceiving a healthy baby is about the quality of your eggs, not the quantity.

Eggs retrieved with IVF (or fertilized naturally) can be improved – starting today. 

The quality of your eggs depends on the nourishment they receive and the targeted circulation that helps them receive it.

Your Fertile Health, meaning the health of your ovaries, follicles, and eggs is not predestined.  The power to improve your egg quality now is in your hands.

If you’re ready to hold a healthy baby in your arms, the Your Fertile Health program will guide you each step of the way.

woman 11
Improving your fertility, IVF & Egg Freezing outcomes is not just about your diagnosis, labs, stress levels, weight, or the foods you eat.

You can shed 10 lbs of “extra” weight, meditate on a mountainside, or drink Instagram-worthy fertility-boosting smoothies…

But if you don’t have… 

balancing foods for your fertility type, 

targeted blood flow to bring essential nutrients to your reproductive organs and cells (including your eggs!),

adequate hydration to support optimal organ and cell function,

or the mindset support to make lasting changes to your emotional wellness…

you, and your hormones, uterus, follicles, and eggs may be compromised.

Your IVF & Egg Freezing success blueprint teaches simple shifts to rebalance your 5-element Fertility Type and restore egg quality and the vitality of your reproductive health so that you can realize your dreams of motherhood.
After 20 years of helping thousands of women and couples get pregnant and create the family of their dreams, I’ve developed a step-by-step system that you can follow from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home.
Ready for the joy of a healthy pregnancy?

Maximize your chances of IVF success in a minimal amount of time

The Your Fertile Health Program is a complete and repeatable 4-week self-paced step-by-step plan designed to boost the health of your eggs, regulate your menstrual cycle, and nourish your reproductive organs. 

Our proven protocol helps you hone in on the 4 essential elements that matter most to boosting your fertility and IVF success:

  • Optimal nutrition for your fertility type (plus your often overlooked microbiome that’s key for hormone signaling)
  • Necessary hydration to keep your body functioning at its best
  • Restorative sleep-wake cycles to buffer stress and boost healing
  • Ample circulation for bringing needed nutrients to your cells (an important, yet often missing piece!)
  • Mindset shifts to set you up for a positive outcome. 

In 4 short weeks, you’ll not only enjoy renewed hope and trust in your body, mind, and spirit, you’ll also see and feel a difference.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear how these amazing women have conceived healthy babies with our help:

“She gave me tools to feel I could actually do something to help.”

“I’m pregnant with my second and I wouldn’t be here without
her. She helped ground me in the whole process. It’s like having a best friend who’s a genius in fertility on your side every week,
who’s there for you. You don’t feel alone in this process. It’s so up and down and she’s a steady ally through the whole thing.”

– Alexandra, from failed IVFs to baby ~ twice!

“Before, I felt robbed”

“She made me feel more empowered about taking control of the process, about my health.  You are the REAL DEAL!”

– Alessia, from ‘The most dreadful experience’
to ‘The most beautiful’

“I’m really fortunate to have found her”

“Before working with Susan, I’d been struggling to get pregnant and I’d tried getting pregnant naturally for some time. I started working with Susan before taking the step of going through IVF, and it worked. I got pregnant! ”

– Elizabeth, from Unexplained Infertility to IVF Success!

Here’s What (and Who!) is Inside Your Fertile Health:
Enroll Now, Start Anytime

It’s easy to get started at any time in your menstrual cycle.
No need to wait for your period – just get going with the week you’re in.

Week 1 – Let it Go and Let it Grow!

I’ll equip you with our proven process so that you never have to wonder what you can do to improve your success.

Goodbye, Dr. Google and all the conflicting information!

Save time, save yourself frustration, and savor the fun of building your family.

You’ll learn proven methods for boosting circulation to your ovaries and uterus, improving nutrient delivery to your eggs and cells.

Plus, you’ll explore simple shifts in your mindset that are a game-changer in realizing success.

Week 2 – Nourishing, Nurturing, Bloom

I’ll equip you with our proven process so that you never have to wonder what you can do to improve your success.

Goodbye, Dr. Google and all the conflicting information!

Save time, save yourself frustration, and savor the fun of building your family.

You’ll learn proven methods for boosting circulation to your ovaries and uterus, improving nutrient delivery to your eggs and cells.

Plus, you’ll explore simple shifts in your mindset that are a game-changer in realizing success.

Week 3 – Go Time!

In week 3 you’ll support the egg’s journey from the ovary through the fallopian tube, where conception occurs.

You’ll learn what foods support the luteal phase and progesterone production – a key to the implantation process.

You’ll also discover which movements are best for this week as a miracle may be underway.

To allow for more ease and an improved state for conception, you’ll get strategies to support your mindset when it’s common for the stress of the ‘monkey mind’ to get in the way.

Man and woman1
Week 4 – The Wondrous Wait

In weeks 1 to 3, you’re engaging with your body, mind, and spirit to grow and ovulate or retrieve beautiful eggs.

In week 4, you’ll be supported to surrender to Life, bringing forth embryos in vivo or in vitro. Whether you’re post-retrieval in an IVF process or if you’ve tried to conceive naturally, this week of waiting can feel eternal.

This is the perfect metaphor for Life: engagement and surrender.

Just as an inhale requires an exhale, this time requires emptying of expectations while simultaneously trusting in yourself and giving utmost self-care.

Personalized Learning
Plus, get specific guidance on how to restore the balance of your unique Fertility Type
Ever bought a fertility book or program but felt like it wasn’t quite right for you? I get it. That’s not this one.

Every woman has a different genetic makeup and constitution. That’s why we ensure that the recommendations are right for you.

With personalized modules based on your fertility assessment, 1:1 coaching, and weekly Q&A calls, you get guidance that’s right for you to bolster your success.
pen and photo
Ancient wisdom meets modern science

Blending the best of both worlds, our approach is not only science-backed and evidence-based, we also incorporate cutting-edge technology that gives you access to proven fertility treatments in the convenience and comfort of your home.

For decades fertility doctors have been recommending acupuncture as an integrative treatment for improving fertility and IVF outcomes, based on years of research and numerous studies.

This research, however, is based on multiple treatments a week and that can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention a massive energy drain. To add to that, it’s not always easy to find a qualified fertility specialist in your area.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, you can now benefit from these treatments at home. We show you how. (Saving you time, energy, and money!)

Learn from the Pros

When it comes to the essentials for optimizing your fertility, we want you to learn from the best. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the practitioner’s teachers, so you can learn it straight from them.

Our program content is taught by experts in the field serving as faculty for research, fertility-supportive movement, mind-body science, and more.

woman9 (2)
Ready to sign up, or learn more? Book your free Fertility Assessment call to find out if you’re right for the program or if the program is right for you.
Hi, I’m Susan Fox –
Your natural fertility coach

For more than 20 years I’ve specialized in women’s reproductive health in clinical practice as a Dr. of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

I’m also the founder of Health Youniversity and the proud creator of the Your Fertile Health online program.

Focusing on fertility, pregnancy & postpartum, and peri-menopausal health, I combine the best of ancient wisdom through lifestyle medicine with modern science to ensure patients receive the best evidence-based support.


The most common lament I hear is “How is it that I never learned this about my own body?”

Broken-hearted and frustrated, these successful, intelligent women would find themselves worried that it’s too late to make the necessary changes to improve their fertile health.

While my protocols have been game-changers in helping thousands of people realize their dream of family, I’m on a mission to bring support through education and DIY procedures to those who may not be able to easily access in-person appointments and treatments.

This is how Health Youniversity was born.

Programs such as Your Fertile Health, and coming soon Your Maternal Health, Your Emotional Health, Your Hormonal Health – each taught by specialists in their respective fields, enable women to take charge of their bodies, their health, and their well-being.

In addition to my degrees and licenses, I’m also proudly a certified Health & Wellness Coach with Mind-Body Green, an NBHWC-approved training provider.

Bringing trusted know-how to you
What’s the investment?

When you enroll today, you’ll get instant access to our membership site including:

Natural Fertility Training

When you enroll today, you’ll get instant access to our membership site including:

Specialist Support

Weekly Q&A, 1-year access ($25,000 value)

One 30-minute video consult ($500 value) 

At-Home Treatment Devices*

LED Light Therapy device* ($800 value)

Acupoint Stimulation device* ($100 value)

Plus detailed guidance on their use and best practices (Priceless!)


That’s over $35,000 in value, yet because I’m so passionate about bringing these much-needed strategies to you (in the comfort of your own home), we’ve found a way to package it up with a nice savings to you. Plus, we’ve included a convenient 2-installment plan.


*BONUS: Devices are yours to keep. Beyond the program, they become an invaluable part of your home medicine chest for sprains, strains, aches & pains, acne and wrinkles, and even hair loss.



“You want the right partner for your fertility journey”

“Because of her I took actions that I didn’t think I would take before. And now I’m living my dream of being pregnant… She was there with me. You want someone like that, someone who cares. You don’t want to do this alone.”

– Marina, from Pain to Pregnant Naturally


“Before working with Susan I’d been at this for three years. Everyone told me you should adopt or consider an egg donor… She was kind of my last hope… She was the perfect partner and advocate for me the whole way… Finally, I became pregnant. She was like family. ”

– Juliette, from Last Hope at 41 to Pregnant Naturally

“I might not have made it this far”

“I knew it was important to prepare the body for pregnancy 6 to 12 months before we really wanted to start trying… Two years prior, I had thyroid cancer and didn’t know how it would affect my fertility… I really have to credit Susan on helping us get pregnant naturally.”

– Kate, from Egg-Freezing to Pregnant Naturally

“I felt empowered”

“Before working with Susan I was a little lost. I had two healthy pregnancies and births… I wasn’t ready to try fertility treatments… and that’s when I met Susan… The results are incredible because, after a couple of months, I got pregnant naturally”

– Michela, from Lost to Pregnant Naturally

“I wouldn’t be pregnant if it wasn’t for her”

“I was 42 and decided to start a family late in life… I was healthy but what was working against me was my age… I sought out the help of Susan before going into any other medical treatments or procedures… I started working with her in October and by February I was pregnant… just with the help of Susan.”

– Sarah, from Unsure to Natural Pregnancy

So, if you were ready YESTERDAY to hold your healthy baby in your arms and realize your dream of motherhood, it's time to join Your Fertile Health and get:
  • My 4-week proven step-by-step protocol, self-paced and repeatable, guiding you until you see that positive test result

  • Cutting-edge and science-backed tools for at-home acupuncture and infrared treatments, saving you time and boosting your success

  • Tasty recipes, sample menu plans, and shopping lists to make eating for your fertility type a breeze

  • Weekly Q&A with your coach and fertility specialist, an expert in your corner for community and support – for body, mind, and spirit

  • Private 1:1 consults, personalized guidance to ensure this program meets your unique needs

If your dream is to create the family you’ve imagined, to become a mother naturally, and to experience the joys of pregnancy and a healthy birth, you don’t have to leave it all up to wishing and hoping.

Give yourself the greatest chances of IVF & Egg Freezing success (or get pregnant naturally).
Starting with Your Fertile Health.
Your Fertile Health

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