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Best Prep for IVF Speaker’s Portal

Welcome and thank you!

Welcome! We are grateful for your participation in this special Best Prep for IVF immersive event, hosted by Dr. Susan Fox and produced by KnoWEwell. This immersive event combines premier elements of the traditional online summit and virtual conference with our one of kind Regenerative Whole Health® Hub (RWH Hub), to create a truly unique immersive educational experience for maximum impact and evergreen exposure.

As a speaker, you will not only receive the traditional benefits of an educational event, but our platform will also provide you with long term exposure to the attendees and also to KnoWEwell’s growing RWH Hub with an ecosystem of communities, and like-minded individuals, families, employers and organizations actively seeking your knowledge and services.

We want to make sure that we have created an easy to follow speaker onboarding process.

By the time you have made it to this page, you have likely completed the first step in the onboarding process, signing the Speaker Agreement. If you have not yet completed the Speaker Press and Marketing Form, please do so at your earliest convenience. Upon submission, you will be directed to Dr. Fox’s calendar to schedule the recording of your presentation

This Speaker’s Portal will walk you through the remaining steps in the process. Please follow the sequential steps and be sure to mark each step as complete, so we can all track your progress to ensure we remain on schedule, and everyone enjoys the benefits of our immersive event experience.

If you have any questions or need help, please email Dr. Brian Stenzler or schedule a zoom meeting here.